Oct. 4th, 2016

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*Isn't it awful, most of the summer I didn't post anything because I barely did anything. Between too little sleep and way too much heat and humidity just functioning took every spoon I had. Now the temperature is better but this week has only been so so because it's so friggin' muggy again. I don't get it. But it's nice to feel like I am making some progress.

*First big long-term goal tackled is making a vet appointment for the cats. I am a bad cat mama who has not taken them once since I got them. But they are also fully indoor cats now so I am not quite as worried. The other stalling was that I had planned to take them to the vet all the other family cats had seen. But my friend G mentioned they did not have a good rep (I guess that is a newer thing) and I remembered there is a vet much closer to my house. Originally they were going to go in this Friday but emergency has led to a reschedule for next week. Next, and by that I mean tomorrow, going to call a PCP practice not too far from my house and hopefully find me a new doctor. And, Gods willing, one who might be willing to listen to me and not dismiss my problems with a stereotype.

*Instead of the vet trip, a post from [profile] vinlandlongship reminded me they were coming back to port and I could see the ship! Siduri and I are going on Friday, along with a visit to Pandora's Box.

*The early semester rush is definitely done. Work should be a quiet thing tonight. I have some ordering to do for a collection, and the student working tonight has a lot of scanning ahead. One of our students is visually impaired so we will scan larger amounts of text for him. In this case, it's a 200 page book. All legal thanks to ADA.

*And speaking of books, I am working on improving my reading speed again. (You know someone has serious fatigue/exhaustion when reading enjoyable material can wipe them out.) Right now I am going back and forth between The Celts by Barry Cunliffe (145 pages of text) and Irish Paganism by Morgan Daimler (77 pages of text). My goal is to read a chapter of each a day, meaning both will be done long before the month ends, Gods willing.


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