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1. Note to self: when going on OKCupid feels more like a chore and something you can put off for over a week, that's a sign you're not doing so well there right now. Looks like I am going to get contact no matter what. I don't need to reply to everyone who passes the spelling test.

2. Cruddy weather day. Temperature outside is up, as is the rain level and humidity. While it's nice not to be chilly at work (was yesterday) I also don't appreciate the imminent resumption of the melting feeling.

3. Fighting to keep from getting sick it seems. S is out, though she popped in twice yesterday. And she did *not* look well. Poor lady.

4. I've decided to reread some of the later stories in the Black Jewels 'verse. At first it was just going to be Dreams Made Flesh and Twilight's Dawn (story collections) but now I am thinking I should add Tangled Webs (where we get some great Tersa moments) and Shadow Queen and Shalador's Lady (the latter of which has an extra special place in my heart for reasons of ego). [community profile] writerverse has a challenge to do a survey as a character and I want to fill it out as Jaenelle. Plus I have not re-read any of those.
Did read the first story in DMF last night, which deals with some of the creation of the Blood. And also read parts of The High Lord's Daughter in Twilight's Dawn and every portion made me cry. Reasons.

4a. My current book is Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor. She may be my personal author discovery of the year. Incredible storyteller. I read Who Fears Death during my NYC and understood quickly why it won the World Fantasy Award. Most recommended.
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Knees are a little better this morning but I did not enjoy the walk as I usually do. Brought an ice pack to work so I can use it during the day as I need to.

For the first time in over a year I am wearing pants at work. Both as a desire to change up the wardrobe and my pants becoming too small, I switched over to full time wearing skirts and dresses on the job. But last weekend I bought some new pants. Between realizing it's going to be a while before I might drop the weight and the potential of another cold winter, new pants seemed like a good idea.

My original idea of going to the state pagan pride day tomorrow is not going to happen. It wasn't already because I did not want to push myself too hard but now I just want to be off my feet as much as I can for the next few days. And perhaps I will have the energy to go out tomorrow night. What a thought. I have not been out to a club thing since March. Need some of that.

If things work out well, much writing will happen tonight. I also need to upload some pdfs into the Kindle. Going to be participating in a blog hop for a publisher of woo woo books I have been enjoying.

Oh hey

Sep. 6th, 2013 09:47 am
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Anyone have recommendations for some good communities around DW?
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The Legend of Korra starts up again next Friday at 7pm. Woohoo!
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*I came in to work this morning to an email about another nasty computer virus going around. It's an "update" of the one which I got hit with a few years ago and has just gotten worse. Sigh.

*There's a mayoral election in Moscow this weekend. I wonder if anyone is taking bets on eljay access in the coming days.
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Yesterday I did something I have not done in years.
Something I've been daydreaming about doing for months.

I did strength training. One round of bicep curls on both sides with my resistance band* and three perfect push-ups against the kitchen counter.

In the grand scheme of things this may not be much. For someone who's been dealing with fatigue and exhaustion for over two years, this is a major breakthrough. It means I am healing for real.

*And not a light one either.
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And another September rolls around. On my way to the bus this morning I noticed one walkway now littered with acorns. Ever since 2010, when they started falling in early August and were already huge, I have taken noticed of them. Today they are a little smaller than average.

But it is indeed September! My favorite season is coming in. Time to break out the slightly warmer clothes.... soon? And bring out the various pumpkin BPAL which I love so much. Oh, and dig up pumpkin recipes so I can indulge hard. (Standard pumpkin bread is now out since going gluten-free.)

The weekend was a wash out. I spent most of it thinking I was coming down with something. Then I realized it was the air quality making me think I had an infection coming on. A reminder that I am going to have to take care with my health this fall. Still have too much healing to do and can't push it.

Honestly I wish I could hire someone to organize my life. There's too much and I don't have the energy to do it.
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The following things need to happen.

*Two anthologies for which I want to submit have deadlines. One item mostly got done last night, and I will edit it today or tomorrow. The other has not been touched in months so I need to get on that horse.
*Several potential entries for Writerverse before the end of this greater round.
*My Pantheacon proposal, because oops I thought the deadline was mid-September. That is 90% done. Just need to tweak.
*Pantheacon registration so I can get the cheapest rate.

One personality trait I have never been able to re-shape is my inability to have work done well in advance of any deadline. I am the last-minute queen. It would be nice to find some techniques which would work for me. Yes I have tried some before but they fall apart before I know it. Current health status helps that none, between the memory glitches, brain fog, and fatigue/exhaustion at various points.
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This week, I give thanks for:
*Recognizing my limits and acting on that knowledge. (Translation: not going to a House event in NYC this weekend because it'd just be too much.)
*Getting through another layer of work backlog.
*Having inspiration to explore some more stuff but also knowing, again, that doing it right now is going to be overload.
*Netflix instant.
*Finding Youtube videos of awesome people. I've got an author crush on Nnedi Okorafor and it's nice to have more outlets.

*Pearl Jam. Because, Pearl Jam.

*shelter, food, funds, comfort, some security, family, friends, love.

I consciously commit to:
*completing two writing projects this weekend for publication, because I have stalled too long.
*Doing some of the final [community profile] writerverse challenges for this round.
*FINALLY setting up the new computer and finding her name.
*Plotting a slew of blog stuff, including post scheduling frenzy on FB.
*Taking time to meditate.
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Since I posted this on the quickie social media earlier I will share it here.

I want new music. New to me, not necessarily new as in recently released. The last time I tried asking I got too many band suggestions and could never take enough time to give them all a fair listen. Instead, I am on the hunt for podcasts. Already I have subscriptions to Numinosis and Radio Bastet so no need to mention those. Genre is also pretty much irrelevant.
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This week, I give thanks for:
*improved health on many fronts.
*my beach trip and ocean submersion on Sunday.
*getting in meditation many times already this week. Yes! Another improvement.
*Flourless cupcakes
*Getting another [community profile] writerverse challenge done though it would be nice to do them at a time not just before the deadline.

I consciously commit to:
*continuing to keep my physical space clean and working on my inner space
*setting up my new computer
*picking up some new clothing and realizing my weight gain is going to be around for at least a little while
*focusing more on my own healing, prioritizing more, and pushing myself less.
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I wish I had about six extra hours in the day: three for doing and three for sleep. I think with that I'd be able to handle everything I try to juggle better. If I could hire someone to do the cleaning and maybe the cooking, life would be a lot easier right now.
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I swear we do not get taught this specific skill in library school but this is often what happens when a place redesigns their library web site.

On Sunday I went to the beach with [personal profile] siduri, where I taunted seagulls by tossing rocks into the water and got my base needed dose of salt water. Despite the fact that clouds covered the sky for the entire time we were there, I got color anyway. Aside from my short time in the water, we just spent the whole time catching up with everything. I so needed that.

Having a bit of a dip in energy again this week and I think it's me pushing a little too hard and not getting enough sleep. TV needs to go off when I head to bed but I don't like doing that.

Also, I have started reading Harry Potter. One of my big reasons for avoidance is that I have found a lot of hyped stories to be poorly written, plus I hit saturation fast when they first came out. It's what happens when you work in a bookstore. But damn, this is one time when there is serious merit from the state. Right now Hagrid's on the boat with the family explaining everything.
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And some of the smaller weights are coming off my shoulders. YAY! Now maybe I can tackle some of the bigger ones. This weekend has enough activity out of the house that I am going to need to take it easy with what I do at home. Don't need any burnout right now. Tonight I need to figure out lunches for the week, tomorrow is food shopping and salon visit, Sunday I am going to the beach with [personal profile] siduri and have my bellydance lesson in the afternoon. I'd like to write and start getting the new computer set up. Maybe I can also talk to [profile] the_wombat and get some suggestions for apps for the iPad.

FYI for KO folks, tomorrow evening is the half-month chat. I blanked on doing it last month. Erk.

Keep finding potential graphic novels and series to follow. Maybe I should start getting single issues online. Seems much easier than dragging myself to the comic shop, even if I do prefer to read print still.

My town is showing Midnight in Paris this evening. Still toying with the idea of going since it's my favorite move and all that. But I imagine it's more likely I won't go and will instead watch stuff on Netflix. Started watching Better Off Ted because I wanted a new series to follow and picked that one at random. Amused by it so far and having predictable bouts of rage at Veridian Dynamics.
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First day this week in which I feel well-rested and calm. I like it. Also noticing that even when I do have dips in health, I am coming out of them faster. Reminds me of how my body now handles acute illness: things hit hard and fast but they also go away almost as quickly.

Working, got Groove Salad going because my usual daytime talk is airing repeats this week. Also pondering the amazing (to me) amount of writing I now do. The food blog is getting closer and closer to being a very regular deal. My goal for each month now is three posts a week: new information/recipe/etc. early in the week, Friday reviews of media, and weekend wrap-up of news and good material from other people in my blog network. I've been doing Pagan Activist regularly for over a year and have yet to hit a true block in anything to say. The woo blog is still too neglected, like my more active spiritual practice. And I am still working on getting into the fiction groove with [community profile] writerverse. There are also two anthology/journal submissions to be done before the end of the month. One I've been trying to put together for over two years (side-eyes [personal profile] alfrecht) and the other I just hit upon for the House's publication.

maybe it would help to set up the new MacBook and get a formal keyboard for the iPad. Getting a new desk might also help; the one I have now is driving me bonkers with its poor design for laptop work. It was great with a desktop though. Time to peruse IKEA again.
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In lieu of forgetting thankful Thursday again, I will share one good thing of today. Last night was my first good night of sleep all well. And proof that I need to start tracking food and activities. I don't know if it was the rice pasta or some actual, good meditation time earlier in the evening.

My weekend is hopefully going to be full of writing/blogging, setting up my new "productivity tools" in full, and hopefully getting some time outside as well as more belly dance practice outside my weekly lesson.

How are all of you?
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About two weeks ago, I was walking down the hill from work to get some food and doing some scrolling through Tweakdeck. When it was active I was a big fan of Tweetdeck. Twitter and Facebook in the same stream, no frills, letting me see the social media world easily. I loved it. Then Twitter had Tweetdeck shut down and something new showed up in the almost exact same vein, Tweakdeck. Same idea, even the same sort of minor glitches. But still, I loved, and every day I scrolled.

Until that one day. Around the 12pm marker, I was only seeing Facebook updates. This was not so uncommon and often a hit of the reload button would do the trick. Not so this time. A little hunting of Twitter tags and I found that Twitter had shut it down.

I miss them both. Maybe it's better for my time management that I do not have it there to scroll through, get distracted, save, etc. It would also be nice to see everything together and not have to go through multiple hoops.

As well. I am getting a little more work done now.
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It was a nice week even though my physical energy was back in the tank. I spent a lot of time feeling pissy over it happening. But today, even with a lack of sleep and slightly sore knees from belly dance practice, I feel like I have more in my reserves. The real test will be if I go home tonight and do some additional movement. Because I forget that I walk 1-2 miles each day with my commute and therefore it does not "count."

Still want to make two personal birthday present purchases: 23andme and a book on Egyptian magical texts. I did get my two big gifts aka productivity tools. (Macbook Pro and iPad, and my computer showed its displeasure at its replacement in the house) I also have some more unproductivity tools, in the form of more video games. One is just crack. I am now playing Lego Harry Potter (the first one) even though I have never read the books or seen the movies. For those who do not know, my home is not a rock. I worked in a bookstore when those hit big and I hit saturation post fast. Meaning I had zero interest in reading or seeing the stories. Now, though, I kinda do. Once I get through some of the books I have laying around now.

Yesterday's dance lesson was great. I am working more now on learning to choreograph to different types of music. It takes a while, especially when one does not have much energy for practice save for the hour a week on which I spend money.

Didn't sleep so well last night and finding myself easily distracted. Or getting into rote tasks and losing track of time. I'd get coffee but I think it was the coffee at 5pm yesterday that started the problem in the first place.

Submitted another piece for writerverse over the weekend. So far I can only come up with scenes for my fiction but that is okay. Got complimented on this one too! With two words I conjured up a magical murder mystery.

Finally, yesterday's reveal of the 12th Doctor is making me want to sit down and watch more of the old Who in prep for November. Too many things to do, see, touch, watch, etc. and no one pays me to do most of them.
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Can someone give me the info on setting up cross-posting between here and eljay? I am writing more but forget to paste it in here as well.
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Secrets to getting many blog hits: post a photo of yourself with a rock star. AKA check out my writeup of my trip to NYC! ;)

This is turning out to be a bad week for physical comfort. Not sure if it is all my various recent injuries adding up, the weather, both, neither, other, etc...


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