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Oh, the nights when work is so quiet you make it through All The Things and have almost 2 hours before you can go home.
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I swear we do not get taught this specific skill in library school but this is often what happens when a place redesigns their library web site.

On Sunday I went to the beach with [personal profile] siduri, where I taunted seagulls by tossing rocks into the water and got my base needed dose of salt water. Despite the fact that clouds covered the sky for the entire time we were there, I got color anyway. Aside from my short time in the water, we just spent the whole time catching up with everything. I so needed that.

Having a bit of a dip in energy again this week and I think it's me pushing a little too hard and not getting enough sleep. TV needs to go off when I head to bed but I don't like doing that.

Also, I have started reading Harry Potter. One of my big reasons for avoidance is that I have found a lot of hyped stories to be poorly written, plus I hit saturation fast when they first came out. It's what happens when you work in a bookstore. But damn, this is one time when there is serious merit from the state. Right now Hagrid's on the boat with the family explaining everything.


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