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This week, I give thanks for:
*Chairs. Especially the new bar chair I put together over the weekend to go in the kitchen. (yes, even with the fact that it taxed my limited reserves to put it together. Payoff=worth it!) There is something nice about being able to sit to prep food, especially when one is tired or weary.
*Pearl Jam. And 8 days until I see them again.
*Good nights of sleep.
*Documentaries on Youtube. My current "get me through work with a smile on my face" plan. Also, why can't we get channels just showing quality documentaries like this, and NOTHING ELSE? Seriously, people.
Today's selection, A Renaissance Education.
*Harry Potter.
*Having my needs met enough not to worry about them, and good people in my life.

I consciously commit to:
*Continuing to go to bed earlier and resting.
*Tonight, finalizing my plans for the weekend.
*Remembering both the series and fun sides of life.
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This week, I give thanks for:
*Recognizing my limits and acting on that knowledge. (Translation: not going to a House event in NYC this weekend because it'd just be too much.)
*Getting through another layer of work backlog.
*Having inspiration to explore some more stuff but also knowing, again, that doing it right now is going to be overload.
*Netflix instant.
*Finding Youtube videos of awesome people. I've got an author crush on Nnedi Okorafor and it's nice to have more outlets.

*Pearl Jam. Because, Pearl Jam.

*shelter, food, funds, comfort, some security, family, friends, love.

I consciously commit to:
*completing two writing projects this weekend for publication, because I have stalled too long.
*Doing some of the final [community profile] writerverse challenges for this round.
*FINALLY setting up the new computer and finding her name.
*Plotting a slew of blog stuff, including post scheduling frenzy on FB.
*Taking time to meditate.
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This week, I give thanks for:
*improved health on many fronts.
*my beach trip and ocean submersion on Sunday.
*getting in meditation many times already this week. Yes! Another improvement.
*Flourless cupcakes
*Getting another [community profile] writerverse challenge done though it would be nice to do them at a time not just before the deadline.

I consciously commit to:
*continuing to keep my physical space clean and working on my inner space
*setting up my new computer
*picking up some new clothing and realizing my weight gain is going to be around for at least a little while
*focusing more on my own healing, prioritizing more, and pushing myself less.
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This week, I give thanks for:

*Walking out of the house this morning to warmth and some sunshine, even if the wind was strong enough to push me.
*getting some blood drawn to start figuring out why I am still so lethargic.
*being able to write better cover letters, and finding more jobs to apply for. If only I could just say "hey, I am awesome and will do well, look at me now!"
*the thought that I will be getting treated to lunch out tomorrow at one of my favorite local restaurants.
*13 days until I am in California.
*Food, shelter, clothing, money, and medical coverage!

I consciously commit to:
*Less idle TV watching/on in the background, and watching the DVDs I have from work and Netflix.
*More reading.
*Making myself a South African hot toddy this evening. Yum.
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(copying what I just posted to eljay, until I get the accounts linked.)

This week I give thanks for:
*being able to provide support even from far away. Also, the next four weeks cannot go by quickly enough for my liking.
*Related to that, last night I booked my flight for California. As always, I need this trip so much.
*Love and internet PDAs.
*Another step in getting more views and potential revenue from my food blogs has been taken and completed. There will be post about it this week.
*Winter boots which fit.
*Overall health improvement and being able to sleep.

I consciously commit to:
*both having good relaxation time and good work time over the long weekend.
*Completing and posting at least five items between my two blogs. And prepping a few more posts.
*Dance practice every day I am able to do so.
*Being more talkative. I miss conversations.


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