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Until I am on the plane, awaiting takeoff to California. I am swearing up and down that this year I am going to pull off the move, which I hope means this is my last flight out there as a vacation for some time. There are more jobs to be applied for and I want them done before I leave. Friday's predicted snowstorm might be a help for that happening. But it might also mean troubles with getting food shopping done the next day, if the farmer's market ends up canceled. I also have lunch plans for Saturday and for a host of reasons I want that to happen. Come on weather, go easy on us!

Also, OMG YAY TRIP IN A WEEK! I need this recharge. With the health foo, it does not matter how good a trip has been this past year, the effects don't last very long. Keep in mind that all the trips of the past year (2x Florida, California, Retreat) have been excellent and all I could want.

For this year, I think I want to play a bit of tourist while I am in SF. Last year, I met up with a friend who took me up to Twin Peaks. Another day I went to the Asian Art Museum. I want more stuff like this during my days there! Who has suggestions? Maybe I'll even head down to the Rosicrucian museum during the week and see if I can get into their library. For those out there, the 20th has a tentative claim on it.

Last night I completed my kyanite hunt. Ran out to a local gem shop, where I got two small pieces, saw some larger ones which confirm I did not have any in my collection already, and found a wire-wrapped pendant. I'm not a fan of wire-wrapped gems in general, but I liked the stone enough and wanted A pendant, so I made it mine.

Onward, and hoping that I can get my desk pretty darn clean before I leave work next Tuesday.


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