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1. Note to self: when going on OKCupid feels more like a chore and something you can put off for over a week, that's a sign you're not doing so well there right now. Looks like I am going to get contact no matter what. I don't need to reply to everyone who passes the spelling test.

2. Cruddy weather day. Temperature outside is up, as is the rain level and humidity. While it's nice not to be chilly at work (was yesterday) I also don't appreciate the imminent resumption of the melting feeling.

3. Fighting to keep from getting sick it seems. S is out, though she popped in twice yesterday. And she did *not* look well. Poor lady.

4. I've decided to reread some of the later stories in the Black Jewels 'verse. At first it was just going to be Dreams Made Flesh and Twilight's Dawn (story collections) but now I am thinking I should add Tangled Webs (where we get some great Tersa moments) and Shadow Queen and Shalador's Lady (the latter of which has an extra special place in my heart for reasons of ego). [community profile] writerverse has a challenge to do a survey as a character and I want to fill it out as Jaenelle. Plus I have not re-read any of those.
Did read the first story in DMF last night, which deals with some of the creation of the Blood. And also read parts of The High Lord's Daughter in Twilight's Dawn and every portion made me cry. Reasons.

4a. My current book is Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor. She may be my personal author discovery of the year. Incredible storyteller. I read Who Fears Death during my NYC and understood quickly why it won the World Fantasy Award. Most recommended.
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Knees are a little better this morning but I did not enjoy the walk as I usually do. Brought an ice pack to work so I can use it during the day as I need to.

For the first time in over a year I am wearing pants at work. Both as a desire to change up the wardrobe and my pants becoming too small, I switched over to full time wearing skirts and dresses on the job. But last weekend I bought some new pants. Between realizing it's going to be a while before I might drop the weight and the potential of another cold winter, new pants seemed like a good idea.

My original idea of going to the state pagan pride day tomorrow is not going to happen. It wasn't already because I did not want to push myself too hard but now I just want to be off my feet as much as I can for the next few days. And perhaps I will have the energy to go out tomorrow night. What a thought. I have not been out to a club thing since March. Need some of that.

If things work out well, much writing will happen tonight. I also need to upload some pdfs into the Kindle. Going to be participating in a blog hop for a publisher of woo woo books I have been enjoying.
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The following things need to happen.

*Two anthologies for which I want to submit have deadlines. One item mostly got done last night, and I will edit it today or tomorrow. The other has not been touched in months so I need to get on that horse.
*Several potential entries for Writerverse before the end of this greater round.
*My Pantheacon proposal, because oops I thought the deadline was mid-September. That is 90% done. Just need to tweak.
*Pantheacon registration so I can get the cheapest rate.

One personality trait I have never been able to re-shape is my inability to have work done well in advance of any deadline. I am the last-minute queen. It would be nice to find some techniques which would work for me. Yes I have tried some before but they fall apart before I know it. Current health status helps that none, between the memory glitches, brain fog, and fatigue/exhaustion at various points.
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First day this week in which I feel well-rested and calm. I like it. Also noticing that even when I do have dips in health, I am coming out of them faster. Reminds me of how my body now handles acute illness: things hit hard and fast but they also go away almost as quickly.

Working, got Groove Salad going because my usual daytime talk is airing repeats this week. Also pondering the amazing (to me) amount of writing I now do. The food blog is getting closer and closer to being a very regular deal. My goal for each month now is three posts a week: new information/recipe/etc. early in the week, Friday reviews of media, and weekend wrap-up of news and good material from other people in my blog network. I've been doing Pagan Activist regularly for over a year and have yet to hit a true block in anything to say. The woo blog is still too neglected, like my more active spiritual practice. And I am still working on getting into the fiction groove with [community profile] writerverse. There are also two anthology/journal submissions to be done before the end of the month. One I've been trying to put together for over two years (side-eyes [personal profile] alfrecht) and the other I just hit upon for the House's publication.

maybe it would help to set up the new MacBook and get a formal keyboard for the iPad. Getting a new desk might also help; the one I have now is driving me bonkers with its poor design for laptop work. It was great with a desktop though. Time to peruse IKEA again.


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