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I may have binge watched the entirety of Avatar: the Last Airbender during the past week.

Okay, yes I did. And when I went to the maul on Sunday (oh yeah I went to mall because I was all out of face lotion and Lush store to rescue) I stopped in at FYE and bought the Avatar seasons I did not have, along with the entire run of Legend of Korra.

I regret nothing. And have started binging on Korra.

Also, while going to the maul on Sunday I got stuck in traffic for 20 minutes. Wanna know why? People were ogling a dead doe on the side of the road. Really, people?! (And Gods I wish I were a hunter and knew how to field dress because then less waste.)

Then there was another dead doe on the way home, right before the exit to my house. Dafuq?

Another also: air quality was atrocious this weekend. So bad that my allgeries have been so horrid and ongoing that I called out today. Had trouble with breathing, and therefore sleeping, last night.

(I also need to remember to post things here after eljay. Someday my brain just might work well again.)


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