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So I feel like I have some business writing a post.

1. I saw a podiatrist today. Been having some issues with a toe and now that I have a PCP I can get referrals for this sort of thing. The problem turns out to be irritation from ingrown toenails. Things Were Done, which, while minor, might squick some so I will leave out details. But said toe is now wrapped up and has the potential to fix itself up from the ingrowns. Also I feel a sense of relief that I did not somehow do this to myself.

2. Friday I had my first physical in I Do Not Know How Long. We went over my bloodwork and the summary is that it was all good. Iron, D, and B12 levels are good, I STILL do not have hypothyroidism but am showing a small amount of thyroid antibodies (which needs to be monitored now), and the biggest news is I do not show for having any of the breast cancer genes! For newer people, both my mother and one of her sisters died from metastasized breast cancer. Got major things checked, including my first EKG, and those were fine. Still no answer on whatever ails me. Last time I tried to do this it seemed to be a stop point at no hypo. Now, it's me having to get more bloodwork, look for or rule out other possibilities, and then my RN will *gasp* CONSULT OTHER DOCTORS IN THE PRACTICE. I can dig this.

3. Also on Friday I almost did a dog rescue, having come across a brown bulldog on the way home. She (definitely she) had a collar with no tags and no person around. She was quite friendly and wanted to play, but as I was consulting with my vet on what to do she disappeared. I called animal control, left a message, they called back and were going to search, but I have not heard anything else.

4. Saw Logan on Saturday with [personal profile] siduri1959. We both loved the film, though after dinner we started to realize that the usual plague of plot holes had happened. Still was a good finish to this particular envisioning of the X-Men universe.

5. Inspired by one of my students who is giving up sleeping in for Lent, I am back to working on my sleep hygiene. The last few weeks have apparently not been great, because last night I cut out electronics earlier and felt more rested than I had in a while. This was with getting into bed around the same time and waking up well before the alarm because sunlight is getting past my almost blackout curtains.

6. Bullet journal CONTINUES to be effective, so I am getting myself a few little accessories to spiff it up some. I have skinny/washi tape to live it up and tomorrow should have stenils I can use to make nifty little designs around it.

7. Still need to catch back up on Egyptian and get Paganicon presentation going. At least I have done it before so I need to weak more than make something new altogether.
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