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First, yes I did survive my initation. Quite well in fact, because I am a full fledged hounsi now. I made it through, learned even more about myself and my now djevo twin (having only two people initiate is rather rare and as twins are something of a big deal in ATR, we've been dubbed twins), and got through my taboo period without messing up TOO much. I keep having periods of wanting to talk about it and others of not sharing a thing. Some I am not allowed to share but some I can. I may blog about it but will need to check on what is OK for the public.

I am also seeing some of the results, as I am able to ask for things from the initiation. Most of them were health-related, unsurprisingly. I'm still a little shocked to see them happening so fast.

Anyway, I've been sorely absent here, both in posting and commenting, but I am working on it.

The first big happening of the spring was I FINALLY GOT THYROID MEDICATION. My levels were just barely into hypo range, but I had over half the symptoms. And as several years of holistic help had only produced so many results, my RN prescribed them. Within a week I could feel a massive difference. And not just me. A week after I started them I was at my usual lunch spot on a Saturday. The woman who runs the yoga studio in my neighborhood was there. She's known me for a long time, as in long before I got knocked down. She looked at me for several moments and said "you look so much better." Hemet said the same thing when I saw her last month. And they were right. I ended up asking for a bit of a bump in dose after several weeks because I had gotten rather absentminded once I started on the first dose. What I am on now seems to be doing the trick. This Friday I'll go in for bloodwork to make sure I am not in hyperthyroid territory, but I doubt that is happening. If it is, and I still feel like this (kinda hypo) there's something more going on. But I'd rather not live through something like an episode of House.

what has also kept me from interacting here has been my move back to daytime hours for the summer. Usually with my boss behind me I don't want to be scrolling any sort of social media. Her desk is right behind mine. But she is on vacation now, and the queue runs light once I clear it out in the morning.

There's a surprising learning curve which comes from having major improvement with chronic illness. I still need to regain my stamina, which is a process something like long term physical therapy. My starting point is walking around at work more and remembering to elevate my feet when I am home, along with better hydration. I also need to retrain my brain because all the old hacks and such I used to manage my ADD are gone. Bullet journals are great, save for the bad days I still have and either forget to reference it or just can't manage a thing. And that's the last tough item on the list: compassion for myself. That one is getting a little easier post-initation and taboo period. Strange thing but I am not going to think about it too much.

Otherwise, life is life. I need to remember I have both DVDs along with streaming media I'd like to watch. Tiny spots in the house are getting better. The (Kemetic) year is ending so I have to keep that in mind all month. Oh and I'll be 43 in 25 days.

The two big tasks for the month are to make my brain focus enough to start working on my hieroglyphs study once again and awaiting the first sau lesson.

(and for DW, I still don't want to link the two accounts for whatever reason but I am going to work on updating both.)
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