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As usual, I have a slew of items I want to get done today. Including a holiday celebrating using both Anglo-Saxon and Celtic elements. The focus will be on my personal healing, and I'll be offering milk to the Goddesses. In awesome news, my weekly milk purchase has a higher cream content, due to people at the farm pouring warm milk into the holding vat in an attempt to unfreeze what was in there. Because the water in milk freezes quicker than the fat, I wound up with very fatty milk. Yum!

Last night I went to the monthly goth night and ended up doing an unintentional summoning. I got there, saw next to no faces I recognized for the first time since I started going back. And I said to Matt (one of maybe three people I knew) that there were all these faces I didn't know. Introversion runs high so just going up to people doesn't work as well as I would like. Not long after in the conversation, I saw my friend Dan who I have not seen in a VERY long time. There's good reason, since he spends a good portion of his time in war zones now. He was doing photography for a while and now he is working as a researcher for an NGO in Iraq. He comes back for about a month, then spends three over there. Then more people I haven't seen in far too many years, Chris and Karin. Oh my gods, I had a moment of disbelief. But it was nice to have more people to hang out with and reconnect. Also did a phone number swap with one of the people I've only gotten to know since resuming my club-going activities.

During the day yesterday I was up at Mohegan Sun with my mother. She wanted to go to a book fair which a friend of hers was working. I will never turn down an opportunity to go book shopping. Alas, none of the books there were anything I would have wanted. Instead, the money I might have spent on reading material went into the slots. It also stayed there. But I do want to go up again sometime to play the tables. What I need to do before that is find out what kind of limits are on the tables for betting, because if I can't just go in there with $20 I might be screwed. Once the money was gone we went to dinner, because seeing oysters on the front of a restaurant is a guarantee I want to go in there. Some raw oysters and sardines for me, and oysters and smelts for my mom. Damn that fills you up well with a small amount of food! We both also found some clothing in one of the shops and I have never had better service when shopping. Well done, ladies.

The plans for today are preparing for tomorrow's Italian class, watch two DVDs so I can return them to their respective homes (work and Netflix), some dance practice, and talk with my co-presenters for Pantheacon. Less than two weeks before that is happening, and at least I am not quite going to the very last seconds with getting things ready.

And with that, I need to get moving. Have a good Sunday all!


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