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And some of the smaller weights are coming off my shoulders. YAY! Now maybe I can tackle some of the bigger ones. This weekend has enough activity out of the house that I am going to need to take it easy with what I do at home. Don't need any burnout right now. Tonight I need to figure out lunches for the week, tomorrow is food shopping and salon visit, Sunday I am going to the beach with [personal profile] siduri and have my bellydance lesson in the afternoon. I'd like to write and start getting the new computer set up. Maybe I can also talk to [profile] the_wombat and get some suggestions for apps for the iPad.

FYI for KO folks, tomorrow evening is the half-month chat. I blanked on doing it last month. Erk.

Keep finding potential graphic novels and series to follow. Maybe I should start getting single issues online. Seems much easier than dragging myself to the comic shop, even if I do prefer to read print still.

My town is showing Midnight in Paris this evening. Still toying with the idea of going since it's my favorite move and all that. But I imagine it's more likely I won't go and will instead watch stuff on Netflix. Started watching Better Off Ted because I wanted a new series to follow and picked that one at random. Amused by it so far and having predictable bouts of rage at Veridian Dynamics.


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